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It's easy to see that the price of power is always a good value February 2021
It's easy to see that the price of power is always a good value
February 2021

Most of us don’t think much about the energy we use. We expect the lights to turn on, the coffeemaker to work, the shower to be hot and our devices to be charged each morning. It’s important to remind ourselves that, although no one likes receiving an electric bill, or prepaying for electricity if you choose that option, given how it powers our lifestyle, it’s a great value.

With a dollar’s worth of electricity you can:*

  • Light a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb for 100 nights
  • Warm up 940 slices of pizza in a microwave
  • Watch TV for 47 hours
  • Charge your phone 650 times
  • Run a vacuum cleaner for 6 hours
  • Open and close your garage door 2,370 times

The cost of electricity has remained relatively flat for the past 20 years, compared to most other consumables. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.09% per year between 2000 and today, but the cost of electricity increased much more slowly. For example, electricity rose 0.4% each year between 2014 and 2019, compared to average rent that increased 3.7% annually during the same time period.

As your electric cooperative, our mission is to provide you with safe, reliable electricity, at the lowest possible cost. Your dollars are hard-earned, and every BEMC employee is committed to providing you the best value we can, because it’s our job, and you count on it.


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Brunswick Electric offers a number of resources to help you save energy and money.

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