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A new program that’s win-win-win November 2021
A new program that’s win-win-win
November 2021

If you have or are planning to get a smart thermostat, we have a program for you! Bring Your Own Thermostat is a program that offers you a $50 bill credit when you enroll your thermostat, and a $4 monthly credit thereafter.

Enrolling allows BEMC to make brief changes to your HVAC setting by three degrees on a limited number of peak demand periods, which typically occur on the hottest days of summer and coldest days of winter. This helps to reduce peak demand, which has many benefits. Reducing peak demand lowers our wholesale power costs, and helps us avoid or delay building expensive new infrastructure, ultimately avoiding or reducing future rate increases.

If you sign up, you’ll still have control of your thermostat and can change your settings at any time. The bottom line is that reducing peak demand is good for your wallet, good for the electric grid, and good for the environment. We hope you will consider participating in this important program.

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For the minimal inconvenience, you'll be doing a lot of good. Please call 800-842-5871 with questions or visit our website to enroll in the Connect to Save program.

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