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April 2022

Why use SmartHub? SmartHub allows you to manage all aspects of your Brunswick Electric account. It’s your one-stop-shop to check your energy usage, pay your bill, and report outages.

With SmartHub, you can monitor your energy consumption on a monthly, daily and hourly basis, which can help you avoid unexpectedly high bills. If you’d like to lower your bill, SmartHub is a great tool to identify areas of improvement. Through detailed graphs, you can compare past electricity use, billing totals, and even use energy markers to see how changes, such as a new large appliance or programmable thermostat, influence your use.

“SmartHub makes making payments so much easier and quicker, I’d be lost without it," says Tricia Roberts, AP Specialist at Spectrum Accounting Plus. "At work we pay invoices for homeowner associations, and I would recommend SmartHub to anyone who wants to have better control over their energy usage, and easy access to their account information. And whenever I have any questions, Missy gives me the personal service I need.“

You can also use SmartHub to receive text or email alerts for unusually high or low energy use, which means you’ll know of any problems before receiving your bill.

Take control of your account

SmartHub gives you control over your account, and is available for free at or by downloading the app, and if you’d like assistance setting it up, please call (800) 842-5871 and we’ll be happy to help.


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