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June 2022
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BFA’s Stephanie Bowen with a board full of client thank-you’s

If you’re in a position to help your neighbors during these challenging times, consider making a donation to the Warm Homes, Warm Hearts year-round utility assistance program. BEMC will match all donations, up to $50,000 annually, doubling the impact of your generosity.

The funds are administered by Brunswick Family Assistance and the Columbus County Department of Aging, who distribute them to those in need across our service area.

According to Stephanie Bowen, Executive Director of Brunswick Family Assistance, “As the cost of living goes up, it is getting harder and harder for folks to make ends meet, and providing a fallback in times of crisis can make all the difference. We use Warm Homes, Warm Hearts donations to help people with their utility bills so that they can get through a tough time and get back on their feet. On behalf of our clients, we are so grateful for the Warm Homes, Warm Hearts program, and the generosity of BEMC members.”

To make a donation

Donations can be made by mail to:

Warm Homes, Warm Hearts
PO Box 826
Shallotte, NC 28459

Please do not enclose the donation with your electric bill payment.

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