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From Joshua L. Winslow, CEO/General Manager May 2019
From Joshua L. Winslow, CEO/General Manager
May 2019

Later this month I will have the privilege of speaking to cooperative leaders from around the state about safety and leadership. In that address, I’ll describe the process of building a culture of safety, and the mechanisms for continually aligning the organization with safe practices. My goals as I prepare for this discussion include an emphasis on how these efforts support our mission, with three key areas coming to mind.

First and foremost, the safety of our employees is critical. They create value within our organization, and are our most important resource. How we protect them is indicative of our values and practices. The electrical industry presents many hazards; energized lines, heavy mechanical forces, and unpredictable working conditions. Mitigating these hazards through best industry practices and strategic job planning ensures that we are operating in the most efficient possible way.

Next, as we build and maintain our power system, we consistently go beyond industry minimums and design with a heightened focus on public safety and workability.

Further, our rigorous quality control and inspections programs identify areas of concern, which are then quickly addressed. As a result, our low cost, reliable and friendly service is delivered safely.

Lastly, operating safely translates into cost savings for our members. When losses are minimized and we save on insurance premiums, we retain resources to re-invest in our power system. This supports both our reliability and our ability to keep rates at their lowest possible level.

Brunswick Electric is an acknowledged leader in safety among electric cooperatives, and as our nation recognizes May as Electrical Safety Month, I would like to commend our staff for their dedication and results.

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