Be Prepared for Hurricanes - Carolina Country
September 2019

It’s hurricane season, and this time last year we were facing the potential for devastation as Hurricane Florence rolled ashore in our area. While we hope to be spared this year, it’s important that you are prepared for a hurricane and that you understand how we work to restore power after a major storm.

  • Do store enough supplies for at least three days, including food, water and medication for each person in your home, and your pets.
  • Do keep important documents in a safe place and take them with you if you evacuate.
  • Do know where to go for shelter and if a mandatory evacuation is ordered, heed the warning.
  • Don’t get on the roads after a storm if at all possible. Flooding and debris can make driving dangerous after a storm, and additional cars on the road can hinder the efforts of utility crews and emergency workers.
  • If you have a medical need for power such as an oxygen tank, do have a plan in case power can’t be restored to you for several days. In case of emergency, always call 911.
  • Do report your power outage. Don’t assume we know about your outage just because your neighbor’s power is out, too. Call (800) 682-5309 or use the outage reporting form at or through SmartHub to report outages.

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