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Staying safe from kindergarten to college September 2020
Staying safe from kindergarten to college
September 2020

Elementary School

  • Never throw shoes on power lines, and never try to retrieve ones that are on a line.
  • Keep pencils, paper clips and other supplies away from electrical outlets.
  • Dry your hands before handling a plug.
  • When unplugging something, use the plastic base to pull the plug out. Never pull on the cord.

Middle and High School

  • Steer clear of the green pad-mount transformers on school grounds, there is a risk of shock.
  • If you or the person you’re riding to school with is a new driver, look out for utility crews at work on the drive to and from school.
  • When you’re using liquids for science labs or art projects, make sure your hands and the surrounding area are dry before plugging something in.


  • Get in the habit of unplugging things when not in use.
  • Never use frayed or damaged extension cords.
  • Keep extension cords out from under rugs, carpets and furniture.
  • Keep flammable material such as books, paper and clothing away from heaters and stoves.
  • Never leave cooking appliances unattended when they are in use.
  • Never remove the third prong from an electric plug. It is a grounding device and critical safety feature.
  • Keep electric products away from bedding and curtains. The heat from a laptop charger or mini-fridge can start a fire if left in contact with flammable material for too long.
  • Avoid overloading outlets or circuits, which could lead to overheating that causes a fire.

More Ways to Be Safe Around Electricity

Member safety is important to us. Check out this information to help keep you and your family safe. 

Be Safe

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