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January 2024

South River EMC introduced the Smart Energy Profile to help members understand your energy use.

In order to get the most detailed report monthly, go to and click login, you will then input information such as your account number and your location, as well as details about your home.

There is a step-by-step process for inputting data, to make sure all information is gathered. This is done only to help identify the major drivers of energy use in your home.

By completing a Smart Energy Profile, your monthly report is much more tailored to your home.

And if you're considering a TV for the garage, or a new, high-efficiency heating and cooling system, pop the information in your profile to see how it impacts energy use and costs.

And when you start receiving energy saving tips, you can make changes to your profile to see how it impacts your costs as well. If you're looking for ways to save as we begin a new year, a Smart Energy Profile is just one way.

Smart Alerts. You can receive several different messages regarding your energy use, just by visiting

Smart View is another great program we offer if you're looking for ways to curb your energy use.

You can look at your energy use each day and see how costs vary based on activity and temperatures. Maybe, if you bump your thermostat down a little this winter, you could save a little.

You might notice an uptick in use which could be a problem as well, be it a water heater replacement or something of that nature.

Keeping an eye on your energy use benefits everyone, it helps you to save energy and money, which in turn helps save the Cooperative money as well.

Looking for more ways to save?

South River EMC offers several rebates, which can be read about in later pages, as well as on our web site at And, you can also visit and search "federal tax incentives." Check if any of the improvements you're considering make you eligible for federal rebates as well.

If you have an electric vehicle or are out of the house each day for work, you might want to consider our time-of-use rate.

It means moving most of your energy use to off-peak hours, because energy used during peak hours is charged at a very steep rate. Energy used during off-peak times is a bargain, energy use shifted to the super off-peak time is a real steal!

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