Students Are Making The Grades! - Carolina Country
March 2024

You've been busy this year making the grades and we are happy to recognize that hard work so far this school year.

The following 15 students received at least one A on his or her most recent report card and submitted it for the “Give Us An A“ drawing. Each student selected will receive a $25 gift card:

  • Josiah McPhaul, Northwood Temple Academy
  • Julia Williams, Plain View Elementary
  • Maurice Bates III, Gray's Creek Elementary
  • Grayson Greer, Fayetteville Christian School
  • Sarah Bullard, Mac Williams Middle
  • Gabrielle Kochel, Overhills Middle
  • Jonah Butts, Erwin Elementary
  • Tara Feimster, North Carolina VIrtual Academy
  • Samuel Rister, Northwood Temple Academy
  • Levi Autry, Midway Elemetary
  • Miranda Napier, Gray's Creek Middle
  • Phillip Young, Cumberland Road Elementary
  • Kennede Kirk, Pine Forest Middle
  • Rebecca Slade, Gray's Creek High
  • Francisco Hamilton, Trinity Christian School

Congratulations to our lucky students! Keep up the good work! The next "Give Us An A" drawing will be in July.

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