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Details to arrive with December bills December 2017
Details to arrive with December bills
December 2017

At press time, Tideland EMC’s board of directors was scheduled to meet to vote on a general retirement of previously allocated member margins. If approved, members who received service in 1990 are likely to see a credit on their December electric bill. Individual refunds are expected to be quite modest this year as the co-op navigates higher operating expenses associated with capital improvement projects and costs related to Duke Energy’s coal ash remediation efforts.

As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, Tideland provides service at cost. Any funds remaining after expenses have been paid are eventually returned to members through a series of capital credit refunds. The financial health of the co-op and outstanding obligations are among the factors our board of directors consider when determining the amount of a general retirement.

The amount of any general retirement must also take into account margins already paid out during the year to the estates of deceased members. We anticipate approximately $450,000 will be refunded to estates by year end 2017.

Members are reminded to keep the co-op up-to-date with future address changes should you ever leave the Tideland system. Unclaimed capital credit refunds must be escheated to the NC State Treasurer.

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