5 Ways Homeowners Accidentally Void the Warranty on Their Heating and Cooling System - Carolina Country
April 2022

If you’re planning to install a new HVAC system, the last thing you want to do is void the equipment warranty. So be sure to avoid these warranty snafus:

1Forget to register the equipment
Be sure to register the system shortly after install. While most residential HVAC equipment automatically comes with a “limited warranty,” you may be depriving yourself of extended warranties by not registering the equipment online directly with the manufacturer within the first 60 or 90 days of installation. Many builders or HVAC contractors will offer to handle the registration for you. Be sure to get confirmation and file it with your system records. If you’re buying a home that has an active warranty, ask the seller or realtor if it’s transferable and if so, how to put it in your name.

2Use unauthorized parts
You may find a great deal on reconditioned or after-market parts, but installing non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts will void the equipment warranty and you’ll be paying out of pocket for repairs. Don’t let the low price from online retailers or an unlicensed handyman tempt you. You can be certain that if you make a warranty claim because of bad parts, the manufacturer will want to inspect the parts. If they are not OEM, you will be out of luck.

3Not using a licensed installer
Regardless of the degree of complexity of the installation, manufacturers require that their equipment be installed by a licensed and often factory-authorized HVAC contractor. HVAC systems use high voltage parts and refrigerants that require licenses to handle.

4Lack of annual maintenance
All HVAC equipment needs annual maintenance to meet operating expectations. HVAC systems vibrate as they run which can loosen parts and they are also subject to environmental factors like dirt, moisture and sea salt. Skipping annual maintenance and not changing air filters on a regular schedule can further stress the system.

5No proof of maintenance
Keep the receipts for professional tune-ups and repairs as well as for air filters you’ve purchased as proof of maintenance.

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