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It’s kinetic!

It’s kinetic!

In physics, kinetic energy is produced by an object in motion, while potential energy is an object’s energy not yet released (imagine a set-to-go mousetrap).

  • A revolving door at a café in The Netherlands runs a generator that supplies power to an adjoining train station.
  • The Soccket soccer ball at Uncharted Play generates electricity when it is kicked around. The power can be used to light a 3-LED lamp that runs for up to three hours after 20 minutes or so of soccer. Uncharted Play also has a portable battery-charging jump rope. If your phone, say, runs out of juice while you’re on the go, get a charge from the The Pulse. Use it as a jump rope and it renews its charge.
  • Pavegen produces floor tiles that make electricity when people walk on them. They contain small LEDs that light up to show they are working. Some of the uses are for advertising displays, street lighting and directional lighting.
  • KinergyPower employs road “carpets,” train rails and roadway speed bumps to turn vehicle motion into electricity.

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