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Money-Saving Tips While on Vacation

Four ways to give your wallet a break, too

By Rue Reynold

Money-Saving Tips While on Vacation

Summertime is vacation time, and that means taking a trip with loved ones or having a relaxing getaway for yourself. However, when something you can’t pass up comes along and takes a stab at your wallet, you can’t help counting numbers instead of enjoying the moment. Here are four tips to help you save a dime even if your plans are already in motion.

1. Plan “spontaneous” visits

Visiting places on a whim can do more harm than good if costs are higher than expected. Research prices of nearby restaurants or attractions before heading out.

2. Avoid eating out so often

Dining out can add up quickly, so take advantage of complimentary hotel meals or cook something up yourself for a taste of home while saving a dollar.

3. Set a spending limit per store

New places make it difficult to resist buying one, two or three souvenirs to remember the experience. That’s great until you buy three items from 15 different stores. Set a budget, such as a set amount for every shop you visit, to keep spending in check.

4. Spend more time outside

Most places have outdoor attractions or stunning structures you can indulge in by simply walking around. Free of charge. Parks, lakes, sculptures, historic buildings — the list goes on, and your wallet doesn’t have to suffer for it.

Not spending an arm and a leg can be tough when you’re on vacation, but with these money-saving tips, you can enjoy each new experience to the fullest.

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