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Lawn care

Plus garden to do’s for June

Lawn care
  • Continue fertilizing warm season grasses like Bermuda grass, centipede grass and zoysia this month. Do not fertilize tall fescue now.
  • Start any warm season grasses like zoysia, Bermuda grass and centipede grass in June.

To do in June

  • Start plants of Brussels sprouts and collards for transplanting into the garden in mid-July.
  • Plant the following vegetables in your garden: beans, lima beans, southern peas, peppers, sweet potato, pumpkin and tomato.
  • Prune white pine new growth only.
  • Prune narrowleaf evergreens like juniper and arborvitae late this month.
  • Prune the bigleaf or florist hydrangea when the flowers fade.
  • Trim hedges as needed.
  • Remove water sprouts on any fruit trees and crabapple trees.
  • Cut off faded flowers of phlox, shasta daisy and daylily to encourage a second flowering.
  • Trim dried up foliage from your spring flowering bulbs.
  • Prune off dieback of hybrid rhododendron.
  • Pinch your chrysanthemums to encourage branching.

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