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Strawberry Vanilla Simple Syrup

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Strawberry Vanilla Simple Syrup

Simple syrups are just that — simple to make. But you can use them in so many ways. Visit a local farm, pick some fresh strawberries and prep this syrup. We also subbed local honey for part of the sugar to make our syrup sing with flavor!


  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries

  • ¾ cup sugar

  • ¾ up honey

  • 1½ cups water

  • 1 vanilla bean, split

  • Fresh mint garnish, optional


  1. Set aside several strawberries for garnish.

  2. Cap remaining berries and cut in half into saucepan. Add sugar, honey and water. Bring to a rolling boil, then reduce to a slow boil for about 30 minutes until reduced and starting to thicken.

  3. Pour hot syrup through thin meshed strainer into jar with scraped vanilla bean.* Chill several hours or overnight.

  4. Syrup will keep up to 2 months in refrigerator.

  5. To make spritzers, add 2 tablespoons of syrup to 1 cup plain or flavored seltzer. Add a splash of lemonade, wine or rum — use your imagination for other fun combinations. You can also muddle fresh mint in your glass before making.

*Do not mash berries while straining — syrup will be cloudy. Discard the berry pulp, or refrigerate and use in yogurt, oatmeal or smoothies. Tasty on toast too!

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4.3/5 rating (8 votes)

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