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Book of Barbecue

Book of Barbecue

After two books and numerous television and magazine features on barbecue in the state, Bob Garner is an established authority on North Carolina 'cue. Now, he's at it again, setting the record straight on barbecue recipes and history. Garner has updated, combined and expanded information from his previous books to create this reference book. "Bob Garner's Book of Barbecue: North Carolina's Favorite Food" looks at the heritage and tradition of a disappearing rural lifestyle while showing how barbecue continues to evolve. The 101 profiles of Garner's favorite North Carolina barbecue restaurants make this a guidebook for residents and travelers with a taste for pork. Along with barbecue history and culture and anecdotes about Bob's experiences as "the Barbecue Man," there are profiles of influential pit masters and recipes for barbecue and popular side dishes (beyond slaw and 'nana pudding). Hardcover, 400 pages, $24.95.

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