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Wave On

A Surfing Story by Michael E.C. Gery

Wave On

This new novel is about young Cro, who surfs the unpredictable waves of life with good intentions, but not always with good form.

His engaging tale is one of misunderstanding, lost love, wild abandon and personal reckoning. Cro’s world is peopled by waiters and cooks, surfers and beach bunnies, artists and lawyers, in-laws and outlaws, and the loves of his life. They show up in Virginia’s Tidewater and North Carolina’s Outer Banks, with eventful trips to Ocean City and Annapolis, Maryland, San Francisco and Santa Crus, California, and the British Virgin Islands.

Along the way, there’s plenty of parties, ’60s and ’70s music, highs, lows, fervent prayers and hard-won lessons. Cro’s journey is all about passionately paddling out and surfing in, with all the ecstasy and wipe-outs in between. “Wave On: A Surfing Story” is written by former Carolina Country editor Michael E.C. Gery, who lives in Manteo.

Softcover, 419 pages, available in print ($15.95) or e-book ($3.99) on online sellers such as Amazon.com.

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