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Strengthen Bonds With These Interactive Activities

Break routines and rediscover what matters

By Rue Reynold

Strengthen Bonds With These Interactive Activities

As school activities pick up and your own schedule changes, sometimes it can be difficult to break a newly found family routine or catch up with a friend beyond, “How’s it been going?” Here are five fun activities that can strengthen bonds and be the spice everyone needs to reawaken their inner light.

1Cooking and baking 
Time in the kitchen can go from routine to an adventure when loved ones get involved. Spice things up by requiring “secret” ingredients in meals or picking a new dish or food item no one has tried before. Spending time creating meals and desserts gives everyone the chance to catch-up, have meaningful discussions, and is a great opportunity to try something new that the group can experience together.

2 Escape rooms 
Venturing into an escape room can be the ultimate bonding experience for friends and family because it utilizes teamwork, communication and allows each person to individually shine. From secrets hidden in laboratories to mysteries cloaked in the darkness of a spooky dungeon, escape rooms can take on various themes that will lead to a new adventure each time. Escape rooms also have a variety of difficulty levels, so budding sleuths of all abilities have a chance to crack the case and solve the mystery.

3 Explore
Visiting new places with loved ones doesn’t have to be restricted to vacations or study trips. Any unexplored road, unvisited store or even unknown restaurant is an adventure. Take this opportunity to break away from the usual routine and explore new places with friends or family.

4 Handcrafts
Whether it’s painting, needlework, paper crafts, soapmaking or woodwork, there is something for everyone. Engaging in handcrafts provides everyone the chance to express themselves, be creative and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, regardless of age or skill level. Completed projects can be given as gifts or have practical uses in your home (such as body soaps, quilted blankets or knitted clothing). Crafting together is a great opportunity to bond with loved ones, encourage one another and can even help relieve stress after an overwhelming day.

5 Weekend get-together
Planning to spend time together in advance makes a weekend with friends or family more exciting because the world becomes an open book. From morning catch-ups and daylight outings to party games and late-night talks, there are many opportunities to strengthen bonds in meaningful ways.

New experiences await closer to home than you might think. Not only will you create memories that will last a lifetime, but you may also discover sides to yourself (and others) that you didn’t know were present.

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Rue Reynold is the editorial assistant for Carolina Country

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