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A Garden Feeds a Community

A Garden Feeds a Community

Grady Money shows off his tomato crop.

My husband Grady loved his garden after retiring from his job. The garden wasn’t large, but he planted all he could take handle. Grady kept only what we needed for our family, the rest went to families in the community. Grady gave most of the garden’s bounty away to the many folk with families that could use the extra food. He usually had several bushels of potatoes, a favorite among the folks. He usually had corn and beans too. Tomatoes were his favorite to grow. The photo shows Grady standing on a six-foot ladder holding a red tomato and a yellow tomato. This was Grady’s last garden. He passed at age 79 on December 26, 2014.

Ms. Hazel Money, Thurmond, a member of Surry-Yadkin EMC

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