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Coffee Time is Family Time

Some of my most wonderful memories involve my Grandma Mickey and my Mama, Betty Cook. From the time I was born, I spent a lot of my life with my Grandma.

Mom and Grandma drank coffee every day, several times a day. When I was four years old, Grandma had cooked country ham, eggs and biscuits for supper. She proceeded to put a big spoonful of sugar on my plate then covered it with red-eyed gravy. Next came the hams and eggs. Then the biscuit. Best dinner ever. AND THEN, I was served coffee! From then on, all my life, I joined them in the coffee klatch!

I’ve been drinking coffee for nearly 62 years. I always think of my grandma and my mom as I savor that delicious brew. This is a generational thing in our family. Whenever two or more are gathered, a pot of hot coffee is on its way. Beginning with my Great Grandma, my Grandma Mickey, my Mom, me and my sister, our children and our children’s children, I can’t think of a better memory that has sustained a family for over six generations. Coffee has been our tie.

Vickie Cook, Franklinville, a member of Randolph Electric

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