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Growing sweeter

Growing sweeter
Mama had just had this chair reupholstered. It was practically rubbish beforehand. It was like a special gift to the sweetest lady ever.

Growing up, life was hard and poverty-stricken, just me and Mama. Many times I did not understand how Mama would give so much away. During harvest time canning fruits and vegetables, we worked so hard to prepare them. I would often say, "Why do you give it away to other people?" She always replied, "The Lord is bountiful."

Even when the time came to kill hogs, she did the same thing: give it away to other people. But we never went lacking for the necessities of life, because of her good deeds and sacrifices. She always gave the credit to the good Lord.

Now that I am older with a family of my own, her kind deeds are instilled in me. What a great feeling! As Mama grew older, her spirit grew sweeter. Now my Mama, Anna Liza Strickland, resides with the Lord in heaven with her sweet child-like ways.

Emma Locklear, Maxton, Lumbee River EMC

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