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Life as we knew it

Days were fun when we were young. After chores, we roamed the woods, went to our favorite “tractor lane” and the creek where the only danger was a snake. God kept us safe.

My sister Marilyn and I climbed trees. My sister Kathy and brother Ken with cousins Gail and Phyllis built a fort. We played kickball, dodge ball, jump rope, Barbies and tea parties. We ate and enjoyed what Mama cooked, never expected choices, and were happy to get hand-me-down clothes from cousins.

We slept with open windows and box fans, could walk to our Grandma and Grandpa Oakley’s, and nothing tasted as good as what Grandma fixed from their garden. I loved to watch Grandpa milk the cow and whittle. They read their Bibles and listened to “Gunsmoke” on the radio.

At Christmas we went with Daddy to cut and drag a tree home, usually in the snow. Daddy raised hogs and I kept a runt for a pet. Mama taught me how to kill and cut up a chicken and to cook. Sundays was church, home-cooked lunch and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Myers with nine uncles, eight aunts and 21 cousins.

We worked and played hard, and got good food, sunshine, exercise, fresh air, a good night’s sleep and were taught about God. We were happy knowing we were loved. Childhood passes us all too quickly. Our world today might be better if children could experience life as we knew it.

Helen Myers Benton, Lexington, EnergyUnited

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