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New white dresses for summer revival

My mom, Flossie Gregory Johnson, was one of 10 children that Pappa and Grandma Gregory had. It wasn’t easy for them, but somehow Grandma got enough material to make mom and her older sister, Etta, white dresses to wear to the August summer revival at their church, a social event for everyone in the community.

The church was cleaned inside and out. The church benches were painted, floors and windows were cleaned, church grounds trimmed. It was hot and humid, and the paint on the benches was kind of sticky because it wasn’t completely dry. As mom and her sister sat down they flipped up the tails of their new white dresses so they wouldn’t get paint on them.

When the service was over, they wanted to get up real quick so everyone could see their new dresses. But as they got up, their underpants stuck to the paint on the bench. Needless to say, they sat down faster than they stood up.

Doris Chatham, Statesville, EnergyUnited

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