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This Ole Barn

This Ole Barn

This ole barn has seen many a sunrise. My daddy and uncle built it in 1951. It has endured all kinds of storms, including the iconic Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

I grew up during the stick barn era and remember very well when barns were numerous throughout the countryside.

I have many fond memories of barning tobacco back in those days, which meant mostly family and neighbors working together to get their cash crop in. I can still remember the “squeak” of the leaves, dampened with dew, as it was looped on sticks. The talk and laughter of the ladies working at the barn. They seemed to have such a good time.

I remember my daddy almost always had a variety of soft drinks and “nabs” for break. And once in a great while, MoonPies! I remember his voice: “Don’t step on that leaf; pick it up!”

As Father Time keeps moving on, this kind of barn is almost non-existent. The few that remain are used for storage or just sitting there, triggering memories of days gone by.

This ole barn has now been taken down. It was about to fall anyway. The barn is gone, but I will always have my memories in and around this ole barn…

David L. Whitman, Kenansville, Tri-County EMC

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