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Transported by Stories

Transported by Stories

I would like to share with all who hold this little monthly magazine, like my husband did. He was called home Oct. 8, 2021, after a struggle with COVID, and he is forever with the Lord Christ Jesus.

Durwood Nelson Renfrow taught me how precious the Carolinas truly are, being from up north myself. The kindness and willingness to help your neighbors because you truly want to see someone be all they can be. This way of life is not a trend that’s fading, making room for the next, it’s one heart still beating for all the rest. That is what my husband was and will always be.

He would check the mail, set it all down except his little magazine, which he would sit down, open it up, lean back, cross his Georgia boots one over the other and read Carolina Country front to back. He always made a point to show me the recipes. He would take me on a journey with “Where Is This in Carolina Country” and the stories. I listened to him read the “I Remember” stories, and my husband at times would have beautiful tears from these — they helped him remember the precious past.

Now I get this precious little magazine out of the mailbox and it is very dear to me. As I read a recent issue, God guided me to share our story with all of the other beautiful stories.

Thank You for your little POWERFUL magazine.

Maryann Renfrow, Kenly, a member of Wake Electric

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