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Our mother’s sacrifices

Our mother’s sacrifices
Our mother always gave us Easter outfits.

I will always remember Easter morning in my childhood home. Running downstairs from our bedrooms, my sisters and I discovered our Easter baskets on the kitchen table. In yellow, pink or purple paper, the multicolor baskets contained a bunny, a candy cross, jellybeans and foil-covered eggs nestled in green grass. We had given up chocolate for Lent, so we waited until after church to open them. Later, we spent the day eating only candy. Our mother, Doris, always gave us Easter outfits along with the baskets. Mom bought all five of us a new dress, coat, hat, shoes and a pocketbook.

My mother raised five girls alone, and I will never know how she gave us this perfect day. Our family was poor, and the price of clothing, accessories, baskets and candy was high. Lately, I think about what my mother must have sacrificed to give us those beautiful and delicious Easter gifts. She never once complained.

Today when I think about what to give up for Lent, I remember those precious Easter memories, my mother, and what she did for us. Now, besides sacrificing something for Lent, I also give my time, talent and support to others in order to honor and remember my mother.

Christine (Stoyko) Daniels, Manns Harbor, Tideland EMC

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