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Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gifts that your honey can use

Seasonal affective disorder

For some, winter’s short, dark days affect mood

A healthier holiday

Offer to bring a low-calorie dish to the festivities

Pet Ownership

Teaching kids how to be responsible for furry friends

Affordable water-saving shower devices

Needle spray water tends to cool off before it reaches your body, so you might use more hot water

Solid lighting solutions

LEDs meet (and exceed) 2014 lighting efficiency standards

Rethink the way you pay

Money-saving tactics help you get the best deal

Inspired doors and windows

HGTV designer provides tips for decorating doors and windows for the holidays

Financial ‘holiday hangover’

These smart moves help you keep expenses down

Pest prevention

Don’t ‘fall behind’ in protecting home against unwanted critters

Wedding planning

Set a budget and choose a location sooner rather than later

Protecting your home’s electrical system

Advances in outlets help prevent electrical hazards

Cooking efficiently

Clever methods help you cut energy costs for holiday meals

Autumn decor

Ways to bring the beauty of fall into your home

Boning up

Calcium-rich diet and exercise are key to preventing osteoporosis