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4 Simple and Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas

Cut costs and add enjoyment to wedding preparations

By Rue Reynold

4 Simple and Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas

Weddings often follow a cohesive style from ceremony to reception, but décor doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet to stay within the theme. Here are four easy DIY ideas that are beautiful, practical, fun to do and most importantly, budget-friendly.


The eye-catching piece at a table’s center doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Consider getting some fancy-looking glassware, insert a single flower or vine of your choice and fill the rest of the container with several leaf stems. Faux florals can also be used and all of these items can be found at many dollar stores.

Signs of all sizes

Whether you need to direct guests, showcase the timeline of events or convey activities, you can make beautiful signs of any size for very little. Personalize large chalkboards with your hand-lettering skills, buy generic signs and matte paint at dollar stores and turn these signs into stylish directional signposts, or hand-letter crafter’s insert cards as placeholders.

Wedding favors

Food is a crowd-pleaser, and your guests might appreciate a snack to take home. Whip up some home recipes and offer a slice of dessert or small portion of food in minimalist packaging like a handkerchief or glassware. Remember to add a “thank you” note.

Eye-catching décor

When in doubt, grab some gold. Whether it’s picture frames, metallic trinkets or even craft board, prepare to have your mind blown with how elegant and expensive a cheaper item can look after being painted or sprayed gold.

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