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5 DIY Projects Around the House

Enhance your home with these easy improvements

By Marty Basher

5 DIY Projects Around the House

When you are sheltering at home, why not dig into a few do-it-yourself home projects? Here are a few affordable, quick and easy ideas that can make a big impact.

1Paint your front door
Don’t be intimidated by changing up the color of your front door. Make your whole outside look vibrant and fresh with a coat of new paint in a beautiful color such as a sunny yellow, glossy black, Kelly green or fire engine red. If you don’t want to paint a different color but the door paint looks old, freshen it up with new paint.

2Add a “peel and stick” backsplash
If you’ve always wanted a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, but never had the time or money to invest in it, these products imitate the look of tile. The affordable sheets come with a sticky adhesive backing that peels off and adheres to the wall. There are many attractive choices on the market, some of which look surprisingly real. These “tiles” can be found at hardware shops, home improvement stores and online.

3Switch to a curved shower curtain rod
A curved shower curtain rod provides more room in the shower, and it is a low-price luxury. You don’t need to buy a special shower curtain for a curved shower rod. You can pick up a curved shower curtain rod in most home stores, home improvement centers and online for approximately $30 to $40.

4Organize your closet
Adding double hanging rods can really help maximize space. Save a portion of that space for dresses and pants that don’t hang folded. Then fill the remaining space with two stacked rows of hanging space for shirts, skirts, and jackets. Beyond that, create space or add shelving for items like boots, hats and jewelry. Keep accessibility in mind. Closet size is an issue that can be overcome with creative and efficient planning of your space. In most closets you can go up, even if you need to incorporate a folding stool in your closet to reach items.

5Repurpose space for your needs
Repurposing a room should not be limited to unused space. If you want a home office, one way to create one is by removing the door to an closet, installing shelves and placing a small desk inside. This setup can also work well as a homework station for children. If you are pining for a home gym, consider clearing workout space in a basement, garage or backyard patio. You don’t have to have big, expensive equipment — just a set of weights and a floor mat. If you’d like to create a reading corner, a comfy chair with a soft throw and a lamp are a good start. Add shelves to display your favorite books and place library books in a stylish basket.

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Marty Basher is the design expert with Modular Closets, modularclosets.com.

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