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5 Ways to Save at the Pump

Small steps to maximize fuel economy

By Rue Reynold

5 Ways to Save at the Pump

With prices of groceries, utilities and other essentials to consider, the cost of gas is the last thing you want to add to your list of expenses. Here are five ways to save money next time you’re out for a drive.

1 Maintenance your vehicle regularly 
Keep your engine in top shape, tires inflated and air filter clear to help your vehicle perform at its best, thereby reducing gas mileage.

2 Keep your windows up
Driving with your windows down allows wind to “drag” your car back and feel like it’s carrying more than it is. Therefore, your engine works harder than necessary and burns more gas.

3 Drive within the speed limit
The faster you drive, the more gas is burned regardless of the distance you travel — gas mileage typically decreases rapidly at speeds over 50 mph. Stay within the speed limit to maximize fuel efficiency.

4 Plan the most efficient route
The shorter the drive, the more you’ll save on gas mileage. Make a to-do or shopping list and find the quickest path to your destination before heading out. If you have to visit multiple places, research the shortest routes available to you from one destination to another.

5 Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle
Hybrid vehicles use a combination of gas and electricity as a fuel source, so they won’t use as much gas as traditional gas-powered cars. If you want to avoid gas mileage completely, electric vehicles are also an option. Research, calculate overall costs and maintenance expectations, and consider your budget before purchasing your next vehicle.

Visit fueleconomy.gov to compare gas mileage between vehicle types and learn more ways to boost fuel efficiency.

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Rue Reynold is the editorial assistant for Carolina Country

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