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6 ideas to make outdoor weddings stylish and comfortable

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6 ideas to make outdoor weddings stylish and comfortable

While it’s been popular in the past to bring the outdoors inside using trees and floral arrangements, a recent trend for many wedding venues is to create a homey space outdoors. Guests don’t have to rough it because you’ve chosen to host your ceremony or reception outside. Your outdoor venue can become more comfortable, as well as more stylish, with a few additions. Consider these ideas from RentalHQ.com.

1Cover your chairs
Seating can be made more comfortable and look much more elegant than you might expect, whether your venue is a park, a beach or a backyard. All it takes is stylish chair covers, which can be rented to accommodate any size wedding. Be sure to check if sashes to tie the chair covers come with the covers or are sold or rented separately.

2Dress up your tables
Rented linens provide an essential touch of class to any outdoor venue, setting the right stage for your tableware and special centerpieces. Choose colors to complement your reception’s theme and floral arrangements or any other décor. If you use escort cards for a seated dinner, you can prevent them from blowing away by keeping them in place with a pretty rock.

3Protect against the elements
Even if the forecast is warm and sunny, you may still want a tent and/or table umbrellas to tame the sunshine. Many couples design their paper wedding programs to be large enough to use as fans — some even print them on paper fans with wooden handles. You can also rent misting fans to help your guests stay cool.

4Provide a foundation
Flooring helps ensure the safety of the bride’s train and sure footing, even for those sporting heels. Rentable floor mats and decking can also help guests navigate the terrain from the parking lot to the venue. Choices include tiles, carpet, turf or even a portable dance floor that can turn your backyard into a nightclub.

5Light up the night
For an evening outdoor event, stringing lights or lanterns is often insufficient. You’ll want your guests to be able to see and take photos. Adequate uplighting for your nighttime reception is a must. Focus on important areas such as the dance floor, the table where the cake will be presented, buffet tables or special floral arrangements. Choose LED lighting specially made for outdoor events, which is waterproof and will not create too much heat. You can choose different colors to create magical effects.

6Make it homey
Consider renting a few comfy chairs or a loveseat to create a seating area where older family members can gather and greet guests, or where your tired bride or groom can put up their feet for a few minutes while they chat with family and friends. Stage the area with a coffee table set up with the guest book so guests can sit comfortably while they jot their well wishes to the married couple.

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