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DIY Projects That Boost Your Home’s Pizzazz

Upgrades worth your while

By Brandpoint

DIY Projects That Boost Your Home’s Pizzazz

It seems like more than ever before, people are making their homes better places for learning, working and living. Here are some ideas for home upgrades that can increase beauty and resale value. For more inspiration, visit

Home office

Spending more time at home may mean storage space is at a premium, especially if you’re relying on a makeshift home office.

You can add an attractive and functional element with a built-in bookcase or workstation. Consider your materials carefully. For example, a versatile alternative to wood is synthetic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) trim, which you don’t need to sand or prime before painting, saving time and energy. While PVC is slightly more expensive than some wood options, it also requires less maintenance long-term.


By updating worn-out items, modernizing fixtures and creating a more functional space, you can expect to recoup up to 50% of a bathroom’s remodeling cost, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. On-trend looks include shiplap. It’s waterproof, mold resistant, lightweight, flexible and works well in spaces with many slants and angles.


A home’s foyer offers the first impression of its interior, teasing the personality of architecture and décor found inside. Whether bold and dramatic, tranquil and serene, or something in-between, the entryway can set the tone for a home’s ambience. Details like decorative molding can create a striking entryway for almost any home style.


Whether you’re sprucing up an outdoor living space or simply want to boost curb appeal, subtle enhancements can make a big impact. For example, board and batten shutters offer an attractive, low-fuss way to highlight your home’s windows. Painting the front door and adding flower boxes to your front porch or window are other ways to freshen up your exterior.

Matching trim style

Trim really helps transform a room. A good rule of thumb is to keep the style of trim consistent with your home style and from room to room. Here are five styles.

1Craftsman: This style pairs well with simple, tailored doors and minimally ornamented window casings. White, light beige and cream-colored crown moulding can create roomier spaces.

2Modern: Clean expansiveness lends itself to unadorned window and door casings as well as baseboards. You can use trim merely to protect walls and floors or install trim to create an appealing contrast with wall colors.

3Colonial: This style calls for interior trim with stately courtliness. Choose wider baseboards, wainscoting and crown moulding to adorn family room floors, walls and ceilings.

4Cape Cod: This practical design can be accented by subtle interior trim such as transom windows and sidelights that surround multi-paneled entry doors, casings for double-hung windows, picture rails and frame walls.

5Ranch: Open and informal, this style needs trim that flows from room to room. Many styles work, from simple baseboards to adding doorway casings and more formal trimmed windows and cabinetry in the kitchen.

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