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Do You Call It Dressing? or Stuffing?

The name of this traditional Thanksgiving dish can depend on where you live


Do You Call It Dressing? or Stuffing?

This rustic herbed stuffing — or is it dressing? — is filled with apples and topped with cheddar

Turkey and stuffing are Thanksgiving Day must-haves, but not everyone makes them the same way. And when it comes to dressing or stuffing, where you call home might make a difference in how you make it.

Regional tastes

According to a new survey by Mrs. Cubbison's Kitchen in Los Angeles, celery and onions top the ingredients list, then regional differences come into play:

  • People in the Northeast and West are more likely to add carrots and sausage.
  • 70 percent of people in the South and 60 percent of people in the Northeast said they like to cook stuffing in a casserole dish.
  • 58 percent of people in the West and 45 percent of people in the Midwest said they prefer to cook it in the bird.

Considering dietary needs

While traditional Thanksgiving dishes are preferred in most regions, about one in five families say they now consider special diets when preparing their menu including gluten-free, vegetarian, diabetic and kosher options:

  • Gluten-free and vegetarian choices are popular in the West.
  • The South and Midwest offer items for those who are diabetic.
  • The Northeast and South offer lactose-free and kosher dishes.

The survey also found that when asked which Thanksgiving dishes are handed down from previous family generations, "stuffing" was by far the most important. But the term for this dish differed depending on locale — Southerners refer to the dish as "dressing," while people in the East, Midwest and West say "stuffing."

Get cookin'!

No matter where you live, you can ensure big flavor at your holiday table when you use family-favorite recipes like these.

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