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For a Quick Dinner: Rice to the Rescue

Short on time? Go long on easy dinners.


For a Quick Dinner: Rice to the Rescue

For many North Carolina families, August is back-to-school month and a good time for no-fuss lunches and dinners. This is where rice comes in.

It used to be hard to find varieties of quick-cooking rice. Today, however, it’s widely available in white, brown and wild varieties that cook in one minute in the microwave or five minutes on the stove. Rice is also a great choice for diners in that you can easily transform many rice-based recipes by switching out the meat, veggies, cheese and other toppings in a recipe.

You can also change the flavor and up the nutrition content of rice by subbing chicken, beef or vegetable stock for the water it cooks in, if made on the stove.

The two recipes below are for one serving apiece (each with a generous helping of rice). To size up for your family, increase ingredient quantities per person, as needed. For more recipes, visit

More plants, please

If eating more vegetables is your goal, pair rice with veggie-based recipes filled with nutrients and vitamins. This Brown and Wild Rice Bowl with Veggie Burger is great for a meatless Monday (or any other day) when you need a fast, filling and flavorful meal. If you prefer a meat-based option, substitute precooked chicken or beef from your freezer.

Simple swaps

When you already have a tried-and-true dish, you may find yourself falling back on the same old meal again and again. Prevent taste bud boredom by mixing up your ingredients. Try adding fresh or pickled jalapeños for spice. Add corn if you like things sweet, and scallions instead of onions.

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