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How to Grow Container Tomatoes

Even limited space can yield a tasty crop

By Chase Smoak | Photo by All-America Selections.

Terenzo Tomatoes


Lack the space or time for growing tomatoes in a traditional garden? No worries. These tasty Southern staples can grow in pots and hanging baskets, too.

Follow these tips

  • Use pots that are at least 6–8 inches deep with holes underneath for drainage.
  • For ease of movement, use dollies or platforms with wheels to shift plants around.
  • Use a lightweight potting mix. Packaged mixes are widely available at most garden centers, but be sure to avoid soilless media that lacks the required nutrients.
  • When using a potting mix with added fertilizer, wait 8–10 weeks before adding more nutrients. When it’s time, use a water-soluble fertilizer at its recommended rate.
Lizzano Tomatoes


Choose your variety with care —I recommend these standouts that grow well in containers:

Terenzo. A cherry-type tomato with a trailing growth habit and sweet fruit. Height at maturity is 16–20 inches, making it a great addition to any spot with full sun and easy access.

Lizzano. This tasty tomato plant grows 16–20 inches tall and only 20 inches wide. Lizzano produces a copious amount of fruit, which can be harvested 105 days from seeding or 63 days after transplant. One perk of this variety is its noted resistance to late blight.

About the Author

Chase Smoak is a Clemson University Cooperative Extension agent who specializes in plant propagation.

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  • Thank hope to try hanging baskets.

    Sherry Thurston |
    March 11, 2023 |

  • I definitely want to try growing this tomato plant in a hanging basket.
    Is Terenzo cherry tomato plant readily available in Lowes etc.
    Q. Where should I go to buy it. Kindly, let me know.
    Sarala Rao
    Waxhaw, NC

    Sarala Rao |
    April 12, 2023 |

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