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Keep Fit Even on a Trip

Four ways to stay active while on vacation

By Rue Reynold

Keep Fit Even on a Trip

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to unwind, indulge and explore new places, but staying active during your getaway is equally important and doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are four simple strategies to embrace adventure while incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your vacation routine.

1Explore the area on foot
Leave the car behind and take a leisurely stroll through the local streets or hike along scenic trails. This allows you to appreciate the beauty of your destination while helping you burn calories.

2Choose the path less traveled
Instead of sticking to well-trodden paths, opt for unfrequented track adventures. Whether it's climbing a nearby hill or discovering hidden beaches, these explorations will provide a sense of accomplishment and keep your body engaged.

3Take advantage of amenities
Whether it’s a hotel pool or nearby recreational area, many vacation destinations offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, biking or kayaking. Engage in these activities to make the most of your surroundings while staying active and having fun.

4Develop a morning or bedtime routine
Wake up early and go for a jog or practice yoga in your suite or by the pool. Alternatively, wind down in the evenings with a peaceful walk or a gentle stretching session. These rituals will energize you for the day ahead and create a sense of balance and well-being.

Lace up your shoes, explore new routes and establish a routine that keeps you moving. Your body and mind will thank you for it, and you'll return from your vacation feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and proud of your accomplishments.

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Rue Reynold is the editorial assistant for Carolina Country

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