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Mighty Mushrooms Make Sustainable Eating Easy

Plus Roasted Mushroom Wheat Berry Salad and Mushroom Avocado Toast

By FamilyFeatures.com

Mighty Mushrooms Make Sustainable Eating Easy

Now more than ever, folks want to know how their food is produced and what impact it has on the environment. This is commonly referred to as “sustainable eating,” and its popularity is growing.

Known for their rich, umami flavor and nutritional benefits, mushrooms are recognized for their environmental sustainability. (Or, put it another way—mushrooms are savory, healthful and gentle on the planet.)

According to The Mushroom Council, they are grown in beds of composted agricultural materials. They don’t need light to grow, and producing one pound of mushrooms uses only 1.8 gallons of water. Not to mention that just one acre of land can produce up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms.

With so many varieties to choose from, it’s simple to incorporate them into a variety of dishes. This mushroom avocado toast can be a quick breakfast or snack, and the mushroom wheat berry salad is a flavorful side dish. Visit mushroomcouncil.com for more recipes.

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