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Mom, Dad, I’m bored!

Craft projects help kids explore their creativity

Mom, Dad, I’m bored!

It seems that sooner or later every parent hears those dreaded words —"Mom! Dad! I'm bored!"— especially during winter months. Making crafts is a great way for cooped-up children to bust their boredom, have fun and learn at the same time. Here are some simple, inexpensive projects and activities.

Monogram art

Kids love things that are personalized. Help your children trace their first initial in block letters on a piece of poster board. Then, use glue to fill in the letter with colorful buttons, crayons or even shells.

Create a time capsule

Preserve some of your favorite family memories with a time capsule. Start with a sealable plastic box and have each child contribute a few items with a note about why those items are special to him or her. Include several family photos. Set a date to "uncover" the capsule. Bury the capsule in the backyard, or if you live in an apartment you can store it on a shelf.

Painted glass jar/ pencil holder

Clean and dry an old glass jar. Add white glue to acrylic or liquid tempera paints so the color sticks to the glass. Help kids paint a design on the jar using brushes or cotton swabs. To erase a mistake, just use a paper towel to wipe off the paint before it hardens. After the paint dries, seal the masterpiece with a coat of clear glaze.

Cardboard cuckoo clock

Encourage kids to draw a house on a piece of paper and color it in with markers. Next, glue the paper house on a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit the shape. Using a clock kit (available at many local craft stores), cut a hole in the middle of the house and fit the clock-face according to its instructions. Before you know it, you'll have a working clock that kids created.

Snow globe

Start with a small, empty jar, such as a clean baby food jar. Remove the lid and glue a small figurine to the underside of lid and allow to dry. Fill the jar with water and add some glitter and a little glycerin. Add a drop of food coloring to the water for a more unique globe. Encourage kids to think of fun themes, like under the sea. Screw on the jar lid tightly and turn over the jar to complete the snow globe.


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