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New Home Upgrades on a Budget

Tweak your new home with these easy projects

By StatePoint

New Home Upgrades on a Budget

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a house! You’ve saved dozens of decorating ideas and you’re ready to start making improvements. How do you prioritize to make the most of your money and time? Consider these inexpensive upgrades to help transform your new abode into your dream home.

Maximize space with shelves

Cost: $10–$75
Benefits: Maximizes space, revamps walls

Installing shelving on a wall is an inexpensive project that helps you utilize space, including floor space. Creative ways to add storage include floating shelves for books or plants, or adding floor-to-ceiling shelving in a closet. If you would rather not install shelving, there are lots of inexpensive bookshelves on the market. You’ll still maximize space by being able to display objects you own, and you can move bookshelves around as they suit new room arrangements.

Update lighting

Cost: $10–$100
Benefits: Enhances ambience, increases energy efficiency

Let there be light! Start with something easy, like swapping out bulbs to make rooms feel brighter or to add atmosphere. CFL and LED bulbs have come a long way in terms of their abilities to display a wide spectrum of colors. Warm white or soft white will produce a yellow hue, similar to the old-style incandescent bulbs, and bright white produces light closer to daylight. For a mid-level task and a dose of style, add new shades on your existing lamps or buy new lamps.

Try updating your outdoor lighting for a facelift.

Coordinate accessories

Cost: $20–$80
Benefits: Produces a consistent, sophisticated look

Create a cohesive look in rooms or throughout your home by coordinating accessories. Choose hardware that matches in color and style with the existing light fixtures, sink and flooring. In the kitchen, consider updating cabinet handles. For the bathroom, easy-to-install accessories include Moen’s bathroom towel bars and rings with Press & Mark installation, which provides a level and washable ink stamp to show you exactly where to drill.

Add paint

Cost: $25–$60
Benefits: Instant color makeover

Whether your space is screaming for a makeover (red walls, anyone?), or you’re itching to try new trends, a new coat of paint makes a big impact. Try creating an accent wall with a pop of color or a faux pattern — it’s a smaller project that can make a dramatic difference for first-time DIYers. 

Get more tips on quick painting makeovers.

Install a kitchen backsplash

Cost: $125–$250 (varies with materials and if you pay a professional)
Benefits: Creates a focal point, protects walls from cooking splatter

If your new kitchen has the blahs, a fresh backsplash may be the solution. In addition to protective and easy-to-clean qualities, a backsplash provides many customization possibilities, from material and color to price. Options include peel-and-stick tile or shiplap for easy installation (hello Saturday project).

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen?

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