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Reawaken Your 2022 Resolutions

Your goals don’t have to start and end with a date

By Rue Reynold

Reawaken Your 2022 Resolutions

The new year is a popular time to find motivation and inspiration to make changes or meet goals. However, life or doubts can make achieving resolutions more difficult until they are given up or forgotten. Sometimes it can be tough to get back on track, but it’s never too late to reach your goals no matter how much time has passed.

Follow these five tips to renew passion and progress farther than you have before.

1.Make a checklist

Put everything into perspective by listing any materials needed and the steps necessary to progress toward your end goal.

2. Start slow

Learning more about a subject sets you up for success. Start at stage one and gradually work your way up to more complex or hands-on objectives.

3. Take a second look and adjust as necessary

What problems have arrived? Do you need to change initial plans? Brainstorm different ways around obstacles.

4. Connect with like-minded people

Local clubs, programs and online groups are the best ways to find people like you. Share unique experiences, receive advice and make a new friend.

5. Forgive, forget and try again

Making a mistake, missing a day or not seeing improvement right away can be frustrating, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re learning, growing and improving. Keep going.

Whether you’re trying to renew old passions or begin something for the first time, take each step as it comes and get back up, even if you fall. You got this.

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Rue Reynold is the editorial assistant for Carolina Country

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