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‘Tis the Season to Spice Up Holiday Favorites

Add a little sugar, spice and everything nice to traditional treats

By Rue Reynold

‘Tis the Season to Spice Up Holiday Favorites

The holiday season is a time to spend with family while indulging in seasonal goodies. Classics are timeless for a reason, but a bit of cinnamon can be a pleasant surprise amongst a platter of traditional vanilla and chocolate. Here are a few other ways to evolve your favorite holiday snacks.


Elevating this already versatile snack can be a challenge when so many variations exist today. However, don’t let that stop you from experimenting with flavors you enjoy that you may not have often seen in stores or at your local bakery. One easy way to take a new spin on a cookie is to create a thick cream or icing in a flavor of your choice, and then sandwich the creation between two cookies. Pick a single cookie flavor or mix it up with two different types of cookies.

Hot chocolate

As one of the most common beverages enjoyed during chilly weather, hot chocolate is a classic that doesn’t have many variations, which makes elevating this delightful drink easy. Surprise family and guests with a marble- inspired take by using white chocolate and your choice of dark or milk chocolate. For adventurous spirits, try a pure white chocolate beverage and add a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon or pumpkin spice to echo the taste of the holidays.


With a reputation of creamy decadence, fudge is popular all year round, and the holidays are no exception. While chocolate is the most common flavor of fudge, consider marble fudge to ease tastebuds in a new direction or be adventurous with uncommon flavors such as peppermint, or cookies and cream. Don’t forget to stuff fudge with nuts, wafers or your choice of cookie for a pleasant crunch and surprise flavor.


Like cookies, there are many options for cakes that fit nearly every occasion and palate. Whether it’s the classic fruit cake or a decadent molten chocolate cake, the possibilities are nearly endless. To evolve a versatile dessert like cake, think closer to home. Add vanilla wafers inside single-flavored cakes or strawberry shortcakes for a surprise crunch or incorporate fruity flavors into chocolate confectionaries for a fresh delight. Options are not limited. Regardless of the cake style and flavor, adding one simple element can create a new experience.


With a creamy texture, custard-like flavor and the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, it’s no wonder eggnog is one of the go-to beverages during the holiday season. Similar to hot chocolate, eggnog has a classic taste that’s not often experimented with beyond the choice of alcohol or alcohol- free. Give eggnog an instant new look by substituting oat milk, rice milk, chocolate milk or strawberry milk for normal milk.

Make recreating your favorite holiday delights a new tradition for everyone to enjoy — but don’t forget to keep some classics on the table to satisfy nostalgic tastes.

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