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Turn Your RV Into a Money-Making Machine

With on-the-road rentals

By Brandpoint

Turn Your RV Into a Money-Making Machine

Have an idle RV, campervan or travel trailer? A recent study by Go RVing found that most people use their RV only 20 days per year, on average.

In the past year, travelers looking for RV rentals have increased exponentially, thereby boosting the wealth potential of your RV. You could turn your RV into a side hustle, or even a full-time business.

RVing has become a booming industry, with more people enjoying travel by either owning or renting an RV. Since the start of COVID-19, interest in RVing has skyrocketed. More people are checking out of hotels and into RVing as a great way to travel safely and stay self-contained. Rental platforms have experienced a significant uptick in bookings. For example, RV rental platform outdoorsy.com reports its bookings have increased by more than 300% since the pandemic began.

Decide when to rent it out

Your region and climate will play a role in deciding the best weeks or months to rent. The more days your RV is available, the more income you can earn — especially during the peak summer months.

Find earning potential

Income from renting out your RV will vary depending on how long you rent it out, the type of vehicle you own and where you live.

According to outdoorsy.com, RV owners listing on its platform, on average, have made up to $36,000 per year for each vehicle listed. RVshare.com has “up to $22,000” for travel trailer rentals and “up to $38,000” for Class C motor home rentals.

Get your RV in great shape

Make sure your RV is up to date on all repairs and maintenance and clean it thoroughly. Enhancing its décor will help it get rented.

Find a rental platform

The rental process is much easier if you use a good platform. Look for platforms with an easy-to-use portal, necessary insurance, 24/7 customer support, roadside assistance, and a thorough vetting of renters.

Take great photos

“Stage” your RV with cozy blankets, plants, books or cups of coffee to make the scene more enticing. Use your smartphone to take good photos of your RV and consider doing a quick video tour as well.

Create a checklist for renters

You’ll use pre- and post-rental checklists to cover all essentials with your renter. They include your renter doing a thorough pre-rental tour and test drive of the RV to make sure they feel comfortable driving it.

Go the extra mile

Being upfront and communicating well with renters will help them have a good experience from beginning to end. Consider providing not only essentials like towels, flatware and coffee, but thoughtful perks like a basket of snacks. Be sure to encourage renters to write a review on your listing page when you thank them for their business.

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