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A Good Read: Mooseclumps

Offbeat poems will entertain kids and parents alike

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One of the best things about this award-winning book is its offbeat poems and illustrations, which make parents laugh along with their kids. The title poem, “Mooseclumps,” introduces the reader to a narcissistic, grumpy feline who believes he’s the king of all cats. “Little Big Cheeks” tells of a precocious little girl whose “cheeks were so big she couldn’t open her eyes” and teaches children to be proud of the things that make them unique. The author/illustrator/video performer, Ryan T. Bliss, is a lawyer by day, and lives in Cary. “Mooseclumps” is hardcover, 58 pages, and available at amazon.com

Bliss also recently launched a “Mooseclumps” YouTube video channel, with songs teaching preschool lessons. Kids and toddlers will love Mooseclumps' songs for children while they learn ABCs, phonics, numbers, shapes and more.

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  • At the moment I have not had the pleasure of reading the Mooseclumps book of poems, however, our classroom absolutely adores the Mooseclumps YouTube channel! To see our little “Downsy” kiddos dancing to the “Seasons” song, which is a remake of Bruno Mars Uptown Funk- OMG! You cannot help but smile from ear to ear- I have watched and listened to many children’s videos but none of them can compare to Mooseclumps! We love you Ryan and Mooseclumps- keep up the amazing work- you’re the best!??

    Lovetoshell |
    April 28, 2021 |

  • Our class enjoys your videos every morning (and the staff ? also)! Thank you for sharing the love and your talent.
    We are curious how the name “mooseclumps” came about?

    Thank you so very much!
    Ms. Bonnie

    Bonnie |
    June 19, 2023 |

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