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First of Many Projects

First of Many Projects

When I sold my business and retired last year, I no longer need an office. As my first retirement project, I converted the office into a craft room for my wife.

I took out all the old furniture and removed the carpet. After painting the walls, I installed vinyl plank flooring, built bookcases on either side of the window, and built a storage bench under the window. I bought a butcher block countertop, added legs, then coated it with polyurethane, to create a large work surface.

As a final touch, I bought a television and mounted it on the wall, so my wife and her craft partners can watch craft videos or movies, while they’re working.

My wife, along with her sister, cousin, and niece, are all thrilled with the room and excited to have a space to work together. And I’m excited to have finished my first retirement project — there are many more to come.

Randy Bernstein, Hillsborough, a member of Piedmont Electric

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