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Former Youth Tourist Sees Opportunity for Collaboration

YLC delegate Karis Dean shares experiences from Capitol Hill

Former Youth Tourist Sees Opportunity for Collaboration
Dean (right) discussed the Co-ops Vote program with meeting attendees.

Karis Dean, a 2019 youth tour participant sponsored by Piedmont Electric, was selected by fellow Youth Tourists to represent our state on NRECA’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC). One student from each state was selected to participate in a national leadership workshop and attend the 2020 NRECA Annual Meeting.

One take-away Karis shared from her experience is how easy it could be to collaborate with people who seem to be on very different sides of an issue.

“In the current political environment, there’s a divide. There’s a desire to work together, but there aren’t many taking the next step to collaborate,” Dean said.

She recalled one instance when Youth Tour participants were in congress watching two representatives from different political parties debate an agriculture bill.

“They were frustrated and upset. There was tension,” she recalls. “And then one made a concession. And they actually began to reach a compromise — you saw that there was this ability to make a compromise. It’s a good message to send to students.”

Dean is a 2019 graduate from Chapel Hill High School and is currently attending NC State University with a focus on international business, international relations and Spanish.

2020 NRECA Annual Meeting

2020 NRECA Annual Meeting

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