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The Strength of a National Network

By  Kristie Aldridge, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives

The Strength of a National Network

Editor’s Note: We recently received a call from Mark Hewitt, a member of and former employee of Brunswick Electric, who had a good question:

What does “A Touchstone Energy Cooperative” mean for my electric co-op?

You may have seen it in beneath your electric cooperative’s logo: Touchstone Energy®, with its red, blue and yellow logo. But what is it? Touchstone Energy is a brand and an alliance spanning 46 states, connecting 32 million electric cooperative members from 750 electric cooperatives.

Electric cooperatives are different from other electric utilities. Investor-owned utilities are accountable to their shareholders; municipal electric companies are accountable to the cities and towns that they serve; but electric cooperatives — we are not-for-profit, owned, managed and accountable to the people, like you, who we serve.

Every electric cooperative in North Carolina and beyond is independent and governed locally by a board of directors elected by the people who live in that community. Individually, and compared to other utilities, these co-ops are small, but together, we are strong.

For nearly 20 years, Touchstone Energy has been the voice electric cooperatives across the nation share when communicating cooperative values, ideals and promises. And from us, you can expect not just innovation to meet your expanding energy needs, but a commitment to community because we are a part of your community.

Whether you’re in North Carolina or North Dakota, be on the lookout for the Touchstone Energy symbol and know that your local Touchstone Energy cooperative is committed to innovation, excellent service and building the local community.

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