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Your co-op delegates at work in Raleigh

Your co-op delegates at work in Raleigh
Rep. Michele Presnell (R-Yancey) presents the electric cooperative’s regulatory reform bill to the House Public Utilities Committee. Rep. Bryan Holloway (R-Stokes) presides in the Appropriations Committee Room of the Legislative Office Building. The bill passed unanimously with bipartisan support.

More than 150 board members and employees from electric cooperatives across North Carolina visited the state legislative building on March 13 for the annual "Rally in Raleigh."

During the rally, cooperative leaders met with their local representatives in the North Carolina House and Senate to discuss issues facing electric cooperatives, including copper theft, regulatory reform and tax reform.

Legislation plays a key role in the cooperatives' ability to deliver safe, affordable, reliable power. Legislation and regulation are key drivers of cost, including an aging infrastructure and incorporating new technology to meet members' expectations.

Co-op board members and staff discussed these issues and also shared success stories with elected officials about the projects in their districts, including: new construction, energy efficiency, economic development, grid modernization and community outreach.

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