Carolina Music: How Special You Are by George Banda - Carolina Country

“How Special You Are”

by George Banda

Photo by John Lanier

Elements of folk, bluegrass, country and blues can be found in George Banda’s self-titled debut EP, which includes our featured track, “How Special You Are.” After working in Arizona mines, George needed a change and moved to Charlotte to study theology and music. He can often be seen around town riding his yellow Harley-Davidson (nicknamed Pikachu) to shows or to teach music, a guitar strapped to his back. The classically trained musician wrote all six songs on his EP. It was released by North Carolina-based Croquet Records, an independent, nonprofit label and songwriter incubator focused on new and emerging artists in the state.

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  • enjoyed the music , could be alittle more put together. GEORGE BANDA, YOUR SONG WAS GOOD BUT YOU CAN'T SING IT, try a duet, with you doing alto, maybe a woman, might work , somebody needs to take the high notes, slow down and then let the music catch up with are rushing along in too big a hurry, relax, feel it .

    vicky lane |
    February 26, 2020 |

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