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A Glider From the Past

A Glider From the Past

I fell in love with this glider style over 20 years ago at a campground in Myrtle Beach. Never seen another until I came across plans to buy in a magazine. It was a great project during the winter months. I added extra support to the seats, and modified the legs due to the lay of the land. I spend a lot of spare time relaxing in this glider.

Dan Savage, Statesville, a member of EnergyUnited

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  • The minute I saw this glider I was back in my great Aunt Eva’s yard in coastal Connecticut where she raised six children and often had family over. We would sit on that glider for hours talking, visiting and feeling about as peaceful as you could be. A glass of lemonade, a ride on the glider and family all around- life was perfect.

    Deb |
    May 01, 2023 |

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