Pumpkin Recipe Roundup for Fall, Y’all - Carolina Country

Pumpkin Recipe Roundup for Fall, Y’all

Nine pumpkin dishes to kick off your autumn

Pumpkin Recipe Roundup for Fall, Y’all
Our Harvest Pumpkin Cake is a moist and fluffy addition to your autumn table

Close on the heels of a temperature drop and leaves turning color, pumpkin-flavored products start hitting the shelves.

From traditional pumpkin spice lattés and pumpkin pies, to more bizarre twists like pumpkin spice marshmallows and pumpkin Pringles®, the pumpkin-flavored craze is here to stay. So we’ll add our own two cents, with a roundup of nine homemade pumpkin recipes (guaranteed to win over more folks than Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles, no doubt). 


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